Greenway Culture

What We Believe

Mission Statement

It is Greenway’s mission to be:

  • The company of choice for customers within its scope of operations
  • The company that provides the best working environment for employees in the industry
  • The company with production results superior to competitors in the field

Greenway Organic Dynamism

  • We are a growing, vibrant, organic entity
  • We are not today what we were yesterday
  • We are not today what we will be tomorrow
  • All phases of Greenway are subject to daily scrutiny and revision for improvement
  • We will continually strive to grow and be better
  • That is the “Greenway Way”

Greenway Pledge

  • We will never be OUT-WORKED
  • We will never be OUT-PLANNED by our competition


  • You Can Count On Me

Code of Ethics

  • Is it legal?
    • Does it violate civil law?
    • Does it violate company policy?
  • Is it balanced?
    • Is it fair to all parties concerned?
    • Does it promote win-win relationships?
  • How will it make me feel about myself?
    • Can I look myself in the eye in the mirror?
    • Would I feel good if my actions were published in the newspaper?


  • Greenway will beat 90% of the competition because we have a better work ethic, a higher sense of integrity and greater perseverance
  • We will compete with the top 10%
  • To be successful, Greenway must be in the top 5% – people, trust, quality and procedures

The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 Rule means that in most matters only 20% is vital and 80% is trivial. Project Managers know that 20% of the work (the first 10% and the last 10%) will consume 80% of their time and resources. The value of the Pareto Principle is to serve as a reminder to identify and focus on the 20% that matters.

Do Right Principle